We take time on our staircases.

It is most important to fit these professionally. Not just for aeshetic reasons  but also from a health and safety point. Badly fitted stairs can be dangerous.

Underneath the carpet


A good quality fitting starts at the bottom.

We take time to ensure that gripper and underlay is secured properly.

Only then can we reach the high-tension carpet fits that you deserve.

This prevents bubbling and cockling of carpets in the future.

Cap and band Bull nose


Some fitters do the bottom stair in one piece. This can only result in a nasty join under the bottom stair. Some fitters even sew the bottom stair join!

We always cap and band our bottom stair bull nose. This is what they do in the USA and it always looks much neater.

Foam Underlay

We use Foam underlay as standard on all our fittings.

This has incredible sound proofing and high tog insulation properties.

You really can feel the difference underfoot, its like walking on the moon.


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